*Limited Names* - PERSONALIZED Let's All Make The Day Count - The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels

Charlie personalized a LOT of books while he was with us, but occasionally, there were some goof-ups and that left us with some extras. We decided to put them on the website in case anyone has someone they know that we already have a book personalized to. This is all we have, and obviously, no more will ever be available. - TeamCDB

'Let's All Make the Day Count' imparts Charlie’s positive attitude, timeless insight, and powerful spirit, and it will encourage and inspire you to make your day count.  

Learn how you can make your day count from the encouraging and inspiring Charlie Daniels. Charlie has written a song for Elvis, played on a Bob Dylan album, toured the country for decades, and delighted fans around the world with his fiddle playing and signature hit song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." More important, he’s dedicated his life to helping others, including children, troubled teens, and veterans.