NEW! Women’s Idle Strings Bracelet Silver Metallic Cross W/Pink Crystal Beads

Idle Strings bracelets are handmade, bangle style bracelets made with guitar strings that have been played on tour by the CDB.  While the style of the bracelets may be the same, due to the different gauges of the strings, differences in beads, and supply, each bracelet is unique. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

These bracelets are made from real guitar strings and contain metals such as nickel, copper, bronze etc. Depending on individual body chemistry, they may react with skin and tarnish or cause the skin to become discolored.  Please take care to keep your piece of collectible jewelry dry whenever possible. 

We hope you enjoy wearing your one-of-a-kind bracelet by Idle Strings Jewelry!

Materials: Silver Metallic Cross with pink crystal beads with silver metal end bead. Women’s bracelets are 7.75”